The military is notorious for  their acronyms.  We can have full conversations using nothing but 3 to 5 letter acronyms.  It is another language…part of the culture and if you spend enough time around servicemen, you will start using this same language.  I will tell you that my wife even got really good at talking in acronyms.  

The market is changing.  It is obvious as we are no longer seeing 15 offers in the first 24 hrs of a listing that are $30K over asking.  

This is a good thing.  Getting back to a normal market is affording buyers more opportunities to get their dream home 

As the market changes, developing trust with your clients is going to be even more critical if they are going to raise their hand and ask you to help them solve their real estate needs.   

So, my Army brain developed a couple of acronyms to guide my agents.

It all starts with the KLT Principle.  Know – Like – Trust.  People have to know you before they can like you.  And they have to like you before they can trust you.  

This is a continuum that you have to guide your clients along.  You have to build their trust in you.  A trust that you are going to be there for them.  But how do you do that?

There are many ways, through ads, social media posts, hosting events, etc.  But the most effective way is getting N2N, T2T, B2B…nose to nose, toes to toes, and belly to belly. 

As the market slows, building a relationship through human interaction is going to win the day and make you successful.  

So, the next time you are wondering how to build your business, think in acronyms…KLT, N2N, T2T, B2B!


Managing Director

Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Grand Junction, Colorado