Finding Your Passion and the Right Career

Finding the right career for you isn’t an easy task and sometimes figuring out what you are passionate about is even more difficult.  Here are some practical steps you can take to find your passion and therefore live out your purpose.

1.  Make a List

List what you absolutely love doing. You can include anything on this list: food, experiences, travel, what you love to do… be honest with yourself.

2.  Figure out what comes easy to you

Just because you find something easy and natural, doesn’t mean others don’t and definitely doesn’t mean others won’t be willing to pay you for it! If you identify what comes naturally for you, you may be able to build on that strength to help others and develop a career.

3. Address your passions

You may not know the exact thing you are most passionate about, but I am sure you can make a list of things for which you have passion.  Think about past experiences that stirred something inside of you or a bad circumstance you successfully made it through. You have a perspective other’s don’t and this could be used to help others. Combine these passions with your strengths will allow you to do work that matters to you on a daily basis and give you more motivation to GET AFTER IT.

4.  Ask others for help

Ask your co-worker what they feel you are really talented at.  Or your friends what they see you get fired up about.  Or attributes your family member loves in you. This may help you get out of your head and discover things you didn’t know or acknowledge about yourself.

5.  Be comfortable with doing what makes you feel uncomfortable

Just because a certain aspect comes easy for you, that definitely doesn’t mean every part of starting your own business will make you feel comfortable. This doesn’t mean you should give up. Don’t make money your primary concern. Even if it is uncomfortable to step away from that high paying job, it may be worth it.

If you aren’t waking up excited in the morning (the majority of the time), you leave work feeling depleted of energy, and your life isn’t entirely fulfilling you anymore, it may be time to take these steps and possibly pursue your dreams, even if it scares you.