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As a CEO, entrepreneur, or business owner, your businesses success is ALWAYS on your brain.  This makes falling asleep not an easy task many nights.  Here are 5 ways to make falling asleep easier as well as STAYING asleep!

1.  Keep your sleep schedule

This has been a suggestion made by doctors for quite a long time.  By going to bed at the same time and then waking up at the same time, your body will be more rejuvenated and you won’t lay awake in bed.


It’s doing no one any good (including your relationship) to be scrolling through your emails in bed.  It has also been proven that the light from your phone makes it harder to fall asleep when you try.  So grab a book instead of your phone tonight!

3. Exercise

Here at Corner Office Coach, we mention the importance of exercise A LOT, but that is because it impacts SO MUCH of your daily life. It makes you a more efficient worker, better partner to be around (hello endorphins!) and it also makes going to sleep easier!

4. Don’t work in your room

Take a look around your room. Do you see work stuff?  A tv?  Consider making your room a place of relaxation. This means using your bed for its #1 purpose (sleeping) and not working in your bedroom.

5. Avoid Caffeine

There are many ways to get your energy then 5 cups of coffee. Consider these alternatives and see if it makes you have a more restful night!

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you to fall asleep faster and to get better rest?