Even being the superior, sometimes you need advice as well.  Just because you are at the top of the so-called food chain, doesn’t mean you aren’t looking for ways to better yourself and your leadership skills.  Here are five tips on how to become the best commander you can be.

Tip 1: Be a problem solver

qwerWhen employees offer criticism of their peers and confide in you to fix the problem, you have to come to the rescue.  Good employees don’t complain just to complain, they let you know issues that are arising that can be fixed. Ask the concerned employee what they think would be a good solution, speak with the accused employee and try to help them see why it is a concern.

Tip 2: Reward your people

ghjkNow this doesn’t have to be a physical or monetary reward.  Even saying things like “good job” or “thank you” can mean the world to your employees.  Employees shouldn’t need encouragement to continue doing their job to the fullest, but some praise from time to time will help them feel needed and reinforce your appreciation for their hard work.



Tip 3: Don’t be apprehensive

wertyuDon’t be afraid to admit that you were wrong.  See other’s points of view, listen, and see what you can learn from them.  After all, you did hire them for a reason! Don’t be scared to make mistakes and to gain perspective from them.  Your team is always evolving and growing and you need to be a part of that growth as well.



Tip 4: Rid Negativity


Be the positive one in the office.  Spread ideas, uplifting thoughts, and new plans.  Your employees will feed off of your attitude and if you are upset or moping around, they will definitely notice.  If there is that one employee that is always scattering his lack of enthusiasm around, talk to him, see if you can help improve his mood or if there is a business-related problem you could assist with.

Tip 5: Care enough to ask

aewwrtytOne thing that truly motivates employees is when they feel heard.  Make it a point to have monthly or even quarterly sit downs with your employees.  Ask them about the past time since your last chat. Have things gotten better? Do you feel fulfilled here?  What can we do to make you feel more appreciated? Obviously, fixing everyone’s problem is not a solution, but to give them the opportunity for their problems to be received, can make a huge difference.

These are just a few tips to help you come out of your comfort zone when it comes to your employees.  Let this open your mind to new ideas, diverse managing skills, and be a first-class supervisor.