Let’s all be honest and real with each other for a second.  Mondays are rough. Even if you love your job, Mondays are rough.  But your outlook can really change that. I have made it a practice of not letting Mondays (or any day that I am dreading for that matter) define my day.  Here is how I do it:

1. Take a deep  breath

Who is victim to waking up on Monday with a list?  Instead of remembering all of your meetings and commitments for the week, take 10 minutes of mindful meditation (Headspace is a great app for this).  If meditation isn’t your thing, take 10 minutes to exercise. Those 10 minutes are CRUCIAL in setting up your week for success. Both of these things can decrease stress and anxiety and increase your willpower and ability to focus.

2. Make a plan

This will significantly impact your productivity for the day. Plan ahead in whatever format works best for you, but definitely do it. Whether that is time blocking, putting pen to the paper, or using Post-It notes, set up a week plan (work, hobbies, family, community etc.)  Dedicate the first 30 minutes to 1 hour of your workday to plan out your week and only focus on that (not your inbox).

3. What is 1 thing that made you smile today?

If it is only 8 am, maybe it is the hot cup of coffee that is allowing you to relax that is making your day. If it is a little later into your work day, maybe it is the compliment from your co-worker on the project you did or you successfully clearing your inbox.  Whatever it is, take a minute to reflect on it.

4. Listen to some music

I’m not going to go into the endless amount of research that has been done to prove that music can improve your productivity as well as happiness level, so just believe me in saying that those #MondayMotivation playlists on Spotify are there for a reason!

5. Remember it is just the beginning

I don’t know about you, but Monday brings out the overachiever in me. I want to get it ALL done right NOW. I simply forget about the other 4 days in my workweek. So don’t expend all your energy on Monday. Balance your workload and take a breath.


Mondays don’t need to be unbearable.  Use these helpful tips to make your Monday great again.