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Traveling is a large part of summer and during your trips you could be hurting your body.  A quick vacation or numerous business trips, either way, you’ll want to be sure you are keeping your health in mind.


In today’s world, everyone is looking to have a happier, healthier body.  Yoga can supply you with a content mind and body. Keep reading for some of the benefits of adding yoga to your fitness routine.Yoga and Your Body(1)


As the CEO, you are always the example to your employees. From customer interaction to wearing the proper attire, you are their model. Certain outfits can influence others in unique ways, so keep reading for a quick guide on how to dress for success.

Dress for Success


Employee interaction is an enormous part of being the CEO.  Are you speaking down to them? Are you not being straight forward in your requests?  Here are some tips to make sure you are getting through to your staff.

Employee Interaction.png


The interview process can be stressful for both sides of the table. Everyone has different techniques when it comes to interviews and perfecting your method can assure you are getting the best possible candidate. Here are some tips to make you the best interview conductor you can be.



Are you doubting your worth or talent in your job? Read these steps on how to overcome this doubt now!

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Philanthropy is a great way to help others while also helping your bottom line. Business is all about money and while giving seems like it only helps them and not you, there is more to it than that. With volunteering time, money, and equipment you’re benefiting your business as well. It truly is a win-win.

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Retirement is something that should be on any person’s mind at any age. Check out these tips to help you retire comfortably.

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If you don’t have your customers reviewing your business, then you need to start. Customer examinations are a great way to grow your business and also monitor satisfaction. Here are some ways that reviews and success stories can assist in improving your company.

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Providing benefits for your employees can be a complex decision. Here we have offered some of the advantages and some of the drawbacks to this situation.


We all go to the gym day in and day out, working on our best and healthiest bodies, but do you workout your brain?  Just like your body, your brain is aging as well and it needs a workout too!  Here are some tricks to keep your brain alert, sharp, and focused.

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Every business, whether new or old, relies on technology.  If you are the leader of a company, you need to stay up to date with the newest technology.  Here are a few tips on how to stay in the know when it comes to tech changes.


We focus on physical activity a lot at Corner Office Coach because we know the multiple benefits to keeping your body physically in shape and strong, but what about your brain? We constantly talk about innovation and creativity as entrepreneur’s and CEO’s, but without basic healthy habits (like laughing, dancing, sleeping, and eating right) these things will be hindered. Here are some foods to add to your diet!

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Should you take a vacation or will it make your business do worse in the long run? Here are the facts.

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Whether you like it or not, it is time to embrace Gen-Y employees and integrate them in to your business.. Here is how to entice them to make the leap to your company.

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How can you use marketing to effectively share your brand, message, and business?

What to do in Grand Junction, Colorado (3)

Are you trying to get more likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook page? Try these 5 tips!


As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.  Here are several habits that can assist with putting you first.


Are you having a rough day? Use these tips to flip your day around and end it on a high note!


Just because you are at the top of the so-called food chain, doesn’t mean you aren’t looking for ways to better yourself and your leadership skills.  Here are five tips on how to become the best commander you can be.


Sticking with your values is far more important in building a successful brand, then doing what is currently the norm or most accepted in your industry.

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51% of the work force is not engaged in their work and that 37% of the employees that are engaged are actively looking for a new job. This may be a startling statistic to you. If so, read on…

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There is a fine line between being a boss and a leader, however there are some MAJOR differences (and outcomes). Read this article to help you decide who you are for your company and if it is helping or hurting the business.

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Whether you are the CEO of the company or an employee, you should be taking advantage of your paid time off… here’s why:

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Procrastination is something we all struggle with, so what steps can you take to prevent and combat it?

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How long is your to-do list? All of the those tasks really can become overwhelming so how can you make it, instead of breaking it? Here are a few helpful habits!

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As the CEO, one would like to think that they have already reached the top, therefore, not requiring more coaching or training in their position. Studies show that more than half of CEO’s would appreciate sound advice in all aspects of their position. From team-building qualities to business enhancements, there is always room for improvement…

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Is your office cubicle a bit dull? Here are five ways to brighten your work day and make your office a happier place!

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How do you gain the trust of your customer, especially if you can’t meet with them in-person?

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With more and more people working long hours at work it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the recommended 30 minutes a day of vigorous exercise. Here are five ways to incorporate some exercise into your work day and leave you feeling happy, healthy and overall more productive.


Are you feeling overwhelmed at your job? Here are some easy habits to acquire that will make you more successful and effective.

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Employee performance reviews don’t need to be something that all parties dread. Here are 4 simple tips to make it a less stressful and more productive meeting.

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As we mentioned in our blog yesterday, sleep is VITAL to being a successful CEO, but what other steps can you take that will ensure you maintain a healthier lifestyle, stay more productive throughout the day, and keep a positive attitude? This is what we suggest:

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As a CEO, entrepreneur, or business owner, your businesses success is ALWAYS on your brain. This makes falling asleep not an easy task many nights. Here are 5 ways to make falling asleep easier!

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Are you out for yourself or for the sake of the team? Working as a key player in a team dynamic will not only set you up for greater success, but it will also help catapult your company to success as well. Wondering how in the world you will move from a lone wolf to a pack mindset? Check out our latest post….

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Is your company experiencing a lot of turnaround with your employees? What can you do to prevent this and retain high-quality workers?

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Are you using social media to leverage your business?

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In our culture we use caffeine, prescription drugs, energy drinks, you name it! But what about just the simple concept of getting more rest (and we don’t mean sleep).

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Here are 3 characteristics all successful people seem to possess
Do you need help persevering, adapting or leading? Contact us today for a FREE consultation of how coaching can impact your business!
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Being an entrepreneur, CEO, or business owner can be overwhelming, disappointing, tiring, and so many more things that make you want to throw in the towel. However, it can also be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Does your work bring you joy?


The type of supervisor you have can make or break your job. If you are in a position of leadership, maybe refresh yourself on the faults and negative qualities a prior manager or supervisor had, and use them to be the opposite. Check out some things to avoid:

Building Your Home_ What to Expect (18)

Most employees prefer to work individually or without any help from colleagues. Do you identify as one of these employees? Take a couple moments to reflect on the following points…

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At this point in our life, emailing has become a mundane necessity, however if you use these tips you will be sure to maintain your integrity as well as retain clients. (Best of all? They really aren’t that difficult).


If you’re not doing video now, you are VASTLY becoming irrelevant.

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A lot of factors play into the outcome of an organization’s success, including circumstances, leadership, work environment, and even location. One key element, however, that you might be overlooking is the motive behind the newly adopted model. Let’s discuss.

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You keep hearing us talk about our “300% Guarantee“, but what does this really mean?


Have you ever given an employee feedback with the intention that positive results will ensue, but later find out that your efforts to help an employee were a flop?  Providing feedback in a way that will encourage your employees rather than shrinking them ends up being an entirely win-win situation. Learn more here!

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Raise your hand if you are an advocate of to-do lists? Do they make you feel more overwhelmed or productive? Follow these simple steps to ensure you end up with a constructive list.

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Delegating is defined as sending or authorizing an individual to do something as a representative. Dictating is defined as to prescribe or lay down authoritatively. Which are you using in your leadership role?

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What do you believe to be the most important attributes of a leader?

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Have you made blogging a part of your business? It is crucial to your success as a business owner and an entrepreneur. Find out more by reading this article.


If you’re beginning to feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to complete everything that is on your plate, there are many options you can look into to ensure you have the most productive day you can. Check out these time management apps!

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Stingy, self-absorbed people are not appreciated by the rest of the world.  Cultivating a character of generosity will overflow into just about every aspect of your life. Keep reading.

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We all have that coworker or employee that just can’t see past the downs in life.  When you’re spending forty plus hours a week with other folks, their habits and attitude wear off on you. Here are a few ways to help alleviate the side effects from negative coworkers.

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Is the stress of finishing all of your projects keeping you up at night? Are you skipping your daily walk around the park with your pup? Self care is CRUCIAL to your success as a business owner and human being. If you need more guidance, call us today for a free 10 minute consultation.

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Increase your productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance using these 5 tips! Want to know more? Like our Facebook page for tons of daily tips!


There is so much power behind words. No matter who speaks them, they can be powerful. In a leadership role, the quality of your words is important.

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T.S. Eliot was clearly onto something when he asked, “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” The very act of stepping outside of your comfort zone is critical to your success and well-being. Check out these 10 tips that will make you more successful.


Are you suffering from the effects of too much stress? If your job is causing you to lose sleep at night, consider the following points.

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You work hard for your family. Your family thrives because you work hard. But where is the balance? Here are some time management tips to help you KEEP your family.

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Effective and powerful leaders are good listeners.  If you’re looking for a few ways to improve your listening skills, reflect on these 7 key points.

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Being good at your job is important. Making other people better at their jobs is most important of all.


You don’t need to be a marathoner to enjoy the benefits of running. If you are a CEO, entrepreneur, owner of a business or hard-worker, you know the importance of stress reduction. Here is a great way.

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Is your company going through a big change? How are you preparing for this as a leader?

Board Meeting Best Practices (3)

Are you new to the CEO world? Tackling a new position is exciting and at times incredibly challenging. Without taking the appropriate steps, your efforts as a CEO might turn into more struggle than success…

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As CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people, we don’t have a lot of extra time on our hands. Here are some ways to incorporate healthy lifestyles into your daily routine.

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People are either followers or leaders.  Not all leaders, however, lead equally.  A positive and effective leader exhibits particular attributes.  Let us look at a few of those attributes.

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How do you communicate with your employees?  These are our thoughts on phone calls vs. email.

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What are you doing to motivate your employees?


Self promotion is a tricky thing. Of course if you are trying to gain clients you want others to know about the success of your brand, however there is a balance of how to do this. Here are our tips

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What traits does it take to be a successful CEO?


As a CEO, time management is one of the hardest things to master.  Here are some tips to help you out.

Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and Work (1)

We are halfway through our Monday – how are you holding up?


Are you a CEO who dreads their board meetings? Here are some tips on how to create an agenda and make it more enjoyable.

Board Meeting Best Practices

Trying to balance everyday life and a demanding job is difficult. Here are some tips on how to keep your work and self strong!

Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and Work

Demand for CEOs—even company boards—to become more tech-savvy is increasing, as digital transformation is poised to alter the competitive landscape in many industries.

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Employees can only be as good as their superiors. What attributes and qualities can you possess that will help your employees grow and develop into the best possible version of themselves?


If you have been the CEO of a company for a long time, you know it is easy to lack motivation at times. Motivation is crucial to not only doing your business, but succeeding at it.


Are you a busy CEO with absolutely NO TIME for blogging? That doesn’t negate its importance. Here are 5 ways you can get it done despite your busy schedule.

5 Tips on How to Blog if You're a Busy CEO

Are you an entrepreneur at heart and have a good idea? How do you know when is the right time to pursue that idea?

How do you know if now is a good time to start a company_

How are you going about motivating your employees?


Top 5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Are you a CEO and wanting RAPID GROWTH in your company, but have no idea how to accomplish this?

How to Achieve Rapid Growth Without Sacrificing your Values

Do you rebound after setbacks or get devastated? If you believe you can get smarter and improve in your industry, than you will believe that effort and setbacks makes you stronger. Here are just 5 ways to develop a mindset of growth.

5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset_

Are you an inventor? An entrepreneur? How do you get your ideas running?

How do you Inspire Innovation_

Raise your hand if you dread Mondays.  It really doesn’t need to be that way.  Here are 5 ways to make your Mondays GREAT again!


What are you telling yourself? What triggers change your day? How can you change the course of your day?

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Here is a list of 4 best practices when training your employees.

Best Practice For Training Your Employees

How are your time management skills? Check out this infographic for 8 tips to managing your time better.

Copy of Just 4 Days Until Daylight Saving Time

Are you managing or LEADING your team?


Finding the right career for you isn’t an easy task and sometimes figuring out what you are passionate about is even more difficult.  Here are some practical steps you can take to find your passion and therefore live out your purpose.

Finding Your Passion and the Right Career

We all know the importance of social media in furthering your business and making connections, but is it affecting your health and vitality?


Before you quit your job and decide to start your own business, make sure you are fully aware of what comes along with chasing your dreams.

5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

5 Video Best Practices:  Are you wanting to be more effective in the video side of your business?

5 Video Best Practices

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