Experiences.  They are what make you grow, they make you better. 

I live by the adage that I never fail, I either win or I learn.  But, before I win or learn I have to go through an experience. 

I have had many amazing experiences in the Army…both good and bad.  However, last week I had an experience that was quite possibly a once in a lifetime event.  

We took my son, Jed,  to the Manning Passing Academy in Tibideaux, LA where he surrounded himself with amazing Division 1 football players.  And yes, we got to meet Peyton Manning and his father Archie.  And, yes, that was an experience!

But even better than meeting the two greats was the experience of being surrounded by the best of the best.  

When you are around the best of the best, you naturally level up…you get better…you win or you learn.  

In the first 7 on 7 game they played, my son caught and then fumbled the ball.  The other team recovered and scored.  He did not fail, he learned.  Because, 10 min later they threw him a pass in the corner of the endzone to score…he won!

There is not one cookie cutter experience.  No one size fits all.  An amazing experience to one person is completely different to another.  The commonality is that both people walked through the experience.  

So I ask you, what are you doing to create experiences that will level you up?  Or, what experiences are you providing to someone else to help them level up?  Who do you need to surround yourself with?

Because it is through experiences that we win or we learn!

Jimmy Kleager

Managing Director

Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Grand Junction, Colorado