Have you been listening to the news lately? If it bleeds it leads.

In the Army we had a saying: The ‘firstest’ with the ‘mostest’. For the enemy, it did not have to be the ‘rightest’. 

Therefore we got really really good at having a prepackaged news release that was delivered as the mission was occurring.  We delivered the message we wanted to deliver!

This ensured that we controlled the narrative, we delivered the facts before the enemy could spin the truth.

I see the same things happening today…reporters grabbing snippets of the truth and spin them to make their article enticing.

Ryan Gorman, the CEO of Coldwell Banker, recently spoke directly to our Distinctive Properties team.  He confirmed it…in one day you can read an article that says the real estate market is terrible, and then read an article that says we are still seeing growth.

So, I say to you as a Real Estate Professional…we have to control the narrative.

1. Are interest rates going up? Yep. And, this is taking us into a more normal market.

2. Is the inventory still low? Yep. And the number of available homes is increasing. More inventory equals more options for buyers.  

3. Is it still worth it to purchase a home? Yep, the cost of waiting will mean buyers are going to miss out on appreciation gains.

4. Are homes going to appreciate? Yes, just at a slower rate than we have been used to in the last three years.

What is the message you are delivering?  ‘Doom and Gloom’ OR ‘It is still a good time to Buy and Sell’

Control the Narrative…don’t let the media do it for you.


Managing Director

Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Grand Junction, Colorado