Summer Travels for CEO’s

Traveling is a large part of summer and during your trips you could be hurting your body.  A quick vacation or numerous business trips, either way, you’ll want to be sure you are keeping your health in mind.

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First things first, your posture.  Whether riding in a car, plane, or train, you want to mind your position.  If you drive for work or take long road trips for work, buy a vehicle that is comfortable.  Make sure you have plenty of leg room and the driver seat has controls to adjust lumbar and angle.  Sitting in a vehicle or any form of transport for that matter for extended periods of time can put a huge strain on your body and lead to bigger problems down the road.  When flying, both feet should be firmly on the floor and your back all the way up to the back of the seat. Shoulders back and a headrest supporting the middle of your head will ensure a stress free flight when it comes to your body.

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On to luggage.  Pack light. As often as possible, make your bag as light as you can.  Strains from toting around heavy luggage are painful and get worse the more you do it.  So resist packing everything but the kitchen sink and reach for only the necessities. If you can, buy a suitcase that has wheels and a handle so you can pull your luggage rather than struggling with it and causing pain in your neck and shoulders.

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Don’t forget to stretch!  If you are driving, pull over often to stretch and get the blood flowing.  Staying seated for long periods of time can cause clots in your legs, which can lead to much worse problems.  If you are on a plane or train, get up and walk the aisle every so often and when seated, keep legs stretched out.  Flexed or bent legs are your worst enemy when it comes to clots, so even if you sit at work all day, remember to get up once an hour and get moving!

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Last tip on the list is to avoid the lines.  Do everything in your power to stay out of the long lines when traveling.  Plan ahead, be prepared, and ease the stress of traveling. Purchase electronic tickets, use digital check in with your cell phone, and acquire frequent flyer status.  All of these can help you stay out of the line and on your way much faster. Time spent sitting (still with walking or stretching breaks!) is better than waiting in line.  You probably have one bag over one shoulder and the act of standing in line actually causes stress on your spine. People tend to slump when standing in line, so if you do find yourself in line, remember your posture!

A few healthy tips to save your body while traveling that can make a world of difference. You want to be rested and pain free when you arrive at your destination, so think about what you can do to lessen the strain on your body.  If you have specific pain already, remember your items that can help reduce further stress such as pillows and pain relief medications.

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