Employee Interaction

Employee interaction is an enormous part of being the CEO.  Are you speaking down to them? Are you not being straight forward in your requests?  Here are some tips to make sure you are getting through to your staff.

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When talking to your employees, don’t beat around the bush.  You are their superior and you make the rules. So if you need them to improve in an area, tell them!  Don’t be scared to be the bad guy, that doesn’t make it better for anyone. If a certain employee keeps leaving his dishes in the break room, don’t joke about it in hopes he will fix it, tell him he needs to clean up his mess.  Being straight-forward is an extremely admirable trait in bosses. Don’t just hope for things to get better, make things better. You don’t have to be rude or condescending, just tell them what you need from them. Explain how and why your instructions are better for everyone.  Employees usually don’t understand why you are in a bad mood, so stop dropping hints and get to the root of the problem.

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Make sure your employees know there are consequences to their poor actions.  If just one employee gets away with something you don’t approve of, the rest are sure to follow.  Shut down poor choices immediately. Don’t wait for them to get better on their own because the issue is likely to snowball.  Speak with the employee(s) right away and warn them. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t be too hard on them the first time. Talk to them about it and usually they will change their ways.  If it keeps happening, it is time to take more drastic measures. You don’t want to be the bad guy, but you also don’t want your company to suffer because you are a push over.

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Stop doing their job for them!  If your receptionist keeps forgetting to email a customer back, don’t do it for her, make sure she gets it done.  If you just write the email and send it off, then your receptionist will never do it. Make sure everyone is doing their jobs and you’re not picking up the slack.  Each job should be done in its entirety every time. You don’t want to spend your evenings finishing what your employees didn’t. You are the boss, you are busy, and you need employees who will get the job done!  So take the time to speak with your employee about what is expected of them and what has to be completed each day.

Sometimes we get caught up in the day to days of going to work.  We form bonds with employees and this can fog our judgment. Don’t be afraid to be the bad guy and remember the main reason you are all there – business.  You are there to keep your company running smoothly and increase your profit. Don’t let little things get in the way of the bigger picture!


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