Dress for Success for Men

As the CEO, you are always the example to your employees.  From customer interaction to wearing the proper attire, you are their model.  Certain outfits can influence others in unique ways, so keep reading for a quick guide on how to dress for success.

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Dress for  your trade.  Obviously, a CEO of a large bank will have a closet full of tailored suits and a vineyard startup owner will not need that quite yet.  Always choose something more professional when going to the closet, but make sure it is work appropriate. You don’t want to show up to the big meeting in your golf polo and shorts. Think about how others dress in certain situations and try to mimic the vibe. You want to fit in attire-wise and not have those sneakers be the after-meeting gossip. And remember, there is business casual and there is business, make sure you know the difference when attending events.

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Your tie says a lot about you, so choose carefully.  If you are drawn to the one that has cartoons on it, you might want to think again.  Different tie colors provide a diverse reaction to people you encounter throughout the day.  See this cheat sheet below for go-to tie colors and their meanings.

RED A red tie is usually referred to as a power tie.  This equals you meaning business. It shows strength, dominance, and authority.

BLUE A blue tie is perfect when you are speaking at an event.  It gives off feelings of confidence, trust, and stability. That’s why congressmen and salesmen tend to wear blue quite often.

GREEN A green tie shows energy, diversity, and freshness.  It insinuates that you are down to earth, reliable, and practical.  Wear a green tie during interviews to help your candidates feel at ease.

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Details matter!  If you think you can throw on a dress shirt out of the dryer, you are sorely mistaken.  People will notice (we promise!) that you didn’t run an iron over it. Wear socks that go with the outfit and never wear white socks with black shoes, it is a major fashion faux pas.  Make sure your pocket square is neatly placed in your pocket, your collar is pressed perfectly, and your tie is the proper length. Little things like this can be big differences to your peers and your customers.  If you are not detail-oriented with your clothing, that can say that you may be that careless with your customers needs.

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To complete every look, you must include accessories.  In a woman’s world, this means purses, earrings, nails, et cetera, but in a man’s world it is much simpler.  Never forget to wear a belt that matches your shoes. Choose a stylish watch and a bracelet (if you like) for the opposite wrist.  One ring per hand is the business-minded choice, never wear more than this to avoid looking like you’re part of a band. If you wear glasses, make a modern choice that will go with everything from work to social events.  Most men carry wallets and people you work with are bound to see them at some time, so choose a tasteful one. Things like cell phone cases and briefcases need to be modest and classy. Even if you ride a Harley on the weekends, it is still wise to choose the black item over the one with the flames.

These are a few tips for men that are in positions of power.  What you wear can make or break deals, give the wrong impression to your employees, and can be the difference between your peers inviting you for a round of golf on Sunday.  Be prepared, mindful, and informed when choosing your clothing. If you aren’t sure where to start, notice people in positions like yours and see how they dress. Sometimes all you need is that nice sport coat to really bring the whole outfit to another level!

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