When was the last time you truly unplugged?

I mean, no work, no email, no text, no cell phone coverage, no TV, no music,…just you and nature?

If you were ever fortunate enough to unplug, how did you feel?  

If you have not unplugged, you are missing out!

We traveled to Ruedi Reservoir near Basalt, Colorado for the 4th of July.  For four days we enjoyed campfires, s’mores, fishing and I even learned how to surf behind the boat…got up the first time…!

It was awesome!  There was no cell service…no connection…we were unplugged!  I felt like the guy in the 4x wheel drive commercial driving all over the back country to find the one location with no cell service.

But, can I tell you how unnerving it was for the first day and a half?…I was not used to it.  

However, below are just three of the many benefits of unplugging!

The most obvious is the connection with the family.  It is always refreshing when everyone is unplugged and has real conversations…face to face!  Teenagers are actually nice…

Next, was the recognition that I could step away from the business and it remained successful without me.  We all know this happens to us, but it is always hard to accept.

Lastly, and what I valued the most.  Powering down.  We all get that ‘keyed up’ feeling.  It is from the energy we pour into our family, home and work…it is because we care.  I was no different…I was keyed up and it took about a day and a half to power down.  But when I did, oh goodness, it was a beautiful thing.

So, when are you going to unplug?  I mean deliberately check out.  I give you the permission to get away…to unplug.  Because I know the benefits.  

You will be better for it!

Jimmy Kleager

Managing Director, Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties

Grand Junction, CO