How to Achieve Rapid Growth Without Sacrificing your Values

The culture of our companies is one of the things we are both most proud of as CEO’s.  We have developed a culture of serving, working hard, and dreaming big. This has led to new friendships and a whole lot of success.  So how do we accomplish rapid growth without putting these things and our values at jeopardy? This is how we have grown in a very competitive industry.

First our commitment to executing a GREAT product at a GREAT value has kept our agents around and working hard. We also desire to protect the fun and friendly environment of our workplaces.  The good news, is both of these things have actually added MORE people to our team as they desire this for themselves and their real estate business.

Second we look at our employees as PEOPLE and not robots. We invest in their success by giving them great value for products that would cost a lot more on the open market as well as free trainings to equip them with the tools to become successful. People want this and as a result, are drawn to our company. We keep our core values in mind CONSTANTLY and reflect on them frequently to make sure we are not losing what we initially set out to do – help people.

Next we slow things down. Yes, we are constantly coming out with new products and starting new companies that will help our employees, but we are also willing to take a step back when disagreements come about and analyze what will be best for our team as a whole. After analysis and discussion we then try to come up with a mutual agreement on the direction we want to go. It is not a dictatorship, but a team effort.

Finally we don’t settle. In an industry like real estate, it is CONSTANTLY evolving. Video is becoming increasingly more influential for buyers and sellers so we are not only encouraging our employees to take advantage of that, but also setting up systems, green screens in our office, starting an in-house media (and primarily video) team etc. We don’t want to settle. We want to be at the top of our game so we stay RELEVANT and continue to have success not just this year, but 5 – 10 years down the road.