Being in a leadership role in any environment requires attributes and qualities that set the bar for those you are responsible for. Employees can only be as good as their superiors. Being an individual that your employees can look up to will encourage them to push themselves to be the best versions of themselves. With that being said, some of the best leaders possess some, if not all, of these key characteristics that make them as great as they are.

  • Clarity in your expectations.

Ensuring your employees or team members understand exactly what is expected of them in their role is a great place to start as a leader. Setting goals for your team and implementing a set of instructions will guarantee your employees perform at their highest, and appreciate you as a leader.

  • Maintaining an open mind.

As a leader, it’s important to understand the difference between leading and dictating. What helps a business flourish are the people that drive it. The people behind you have ideas and opinions too. Keeping an open-door policy and asking for opinions and feedback may lead to better things.

  • Earn respect and be liked.

While you want to make sure there is a line drawn between employees and their superiors, it is still very important to be liked as well as respected. Be friendly, but maintain your professional demeanor. Share a personal story with your team so they can understand you and be open with you. Everyone has faults, as a leader, admitting to them will show your employees that you’re human too.

  • Share your knowledge.

It’s important for employees to know they are following someone who knows what they’re doing. Advising employees of your experiences related to your line of work will help build a solid rapport with them and will earn their respect much quicker. People don’t want to work for someone who can’t guide them with their knowledge.

Being a leader can be a very humbling experience. Maintaining an open line of communication and a professional persona amongst your employees will keep the work environment positive, thriving and successful.