We are halfway through our Monday – how are you holding up?  Are you daydreaming about what you did last weekend or wishing it was Friday? Here are some ways you can live in the moment and learn to actually APPRECIATE Monday for what it is – a brand new start!

  1. Commit to an easy win

What is a task that you and get done quickly and well? If you are at a lul on your long project, jump into a new project and get your brain working in a new way. This will also help revitalize you in feeling accomplished.

  1. Take a walk

If you are stressed out, take a walk to a quiet place to gather your thoughts for 5 minutes.  This will also help relieve some of the stress from the environment in which you were in. Going for a walk is another great way to get your mind and body moving. On this walk, take time to talk to your employees and help them with issues they may be having.

  1. Plan ahead

We have mentioned this before, but this is a GREAT way to relieve some Monday stress. Plan your week on Friday. Or just take 15 minutes to plan out what you need to do on Monday. This will give you a good place to start and keep you motivated and on task.

  1. Laugh

Research has shown that laughing cause you to release endorphins! This will make you naturally feel good.  So smile at a co-worker, laugh about your weekend, or listen to a few jokes on Youtube. It will be well worth it.

  1. Love your job

You don’t need to love it 100% of the time, but overall if you see it as a chore, it may not be the right fit for you. Ask yourself is this fulfilling me? Why do I dislike my job? Is it time for me to look for another?