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Exercising when you have a full-time office job can be one of the most difficult tasks and staying healthy can be difficult as well when you have office meetings and parties and no time for homemade food and simply healthy food. Here are a few healthy tips and exercises you can do at your desk and foods you can carry with you when you’re on a go.

Exercises and food tips

  1. First thing first, when you wake up, immediately stretch your muscles and push-ups before going to the washroom. Push-ups will not only help tone your back but also your arms and legs. Stretching will relieve your muscle tensions and energize you.
  2. When at work, when you get 5-10 minutes before meetings or lunch time, do Pulse and Reverse lunges by using your desk. Lunges will strengthen your butt and quads as well as increase the lower body’s stability and strength.
  3. On your chair, while sitting you can do Figure-Four stretch and Seat Cat/Cow, this will help you open your chest and the back. While you are at it, do try shoulder roll and stretch your neck in case of any strains.
  4. Use stairs instead of the lift. This is one of the easiest exercises for legs and the entire body and doesn’t require extra effort. You should only use the lift when you feel tired, otherwise, make stairs your best friend.


When at work, you should drink water, this will stop your body from dehydration and will keep the muscles moving instead of being stiff. Also, always keep an apple or two in your bag, office fridge, or in the car and eat them even if you’re walking from one department to the next.

Avoid junk food at Lunchtime. Try to make a sandwich at home or at night and pack it for Lunch. This will not only keep you healthy but will also save you a lot of money on junk food.

If you can, try to keep an oven and a mixer in one corner of your office. You can bring fruits and make yourself smoothies and milkshakes or protein shakes when you’re alone or at Lunchtime. Avoid over-consumption of food when you’re hungry and try to eat in portions throughout the day. Eating throughout the day in small portions will reduce your craving for junk food and your body will stay fit and healthy.


Staying fit and healthy should be a priority of every human being, CEO or not, do not deprive your body of healthy food, water, and exercise. If your muscles are weak and the body is tired, your mind will work slower and will make more mistakes, and if you’re the CEO of a business, you cannot afford to make mistakes as it will eventually cost you a lot of money.

Try to squeeze in as much healthy food, fruits, exercises in your daily busy schedule as possible because your mind, body, and soul need exercise and healthy food.