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You work hard for your family. Your family thrives because you work hard. But where is the balance? The struggle every busy executive has is balancing family time while still handling everything that piles up from work. Time management is so important as a CEO, and at some point in your successful career, you had proved that you could multi-task while still completing items in a timely manner and also make time for yourself. Now that you have a family involved, it’s important to keep and maintain a balance so your work or family doesn’t feel neglected.

Ensuring your children get your time is beneficial for them in the long run. Personalities and attitudes are affected in a negative manner when children see their friends getting time from their parents. It’s best to set some boundaries now to ensure your family never feels a lack of attention from you.

  • Plan your week before it happens

Want to make your child’s sporting event during the week? You can! Before your work week begins, plan the week the best you can. Make sure 1 or 2 days you are home at a decent time to make that game or enjoy an early dinner with the whole family.

  • Routine

It’s understandable that things pop up unexpectedly, especially in the work place. But there’s still a way to maintain a routine which will assist in all of your work tasks and family time getting the attention they need. Create a weekly routine with your time and stick to it the best you can.

  • Don’t let your email own you

Getting sucked into your email is exactly what will happen if you don’t take charge. Set aside 30-minutes to an hour at the end of your day to browse through your emails and flag for the next day or respond then depending on its urgency. Constantly looking at the phone will ensure your attention stays there as you will more than likely come across something in your inbox that could wait, but you don’t let it.

  • Use your calendar

Calendars are linked to email accounts for a reason! Meetings, time for your emails, exercise, family events, or whatever else you have going needs to go on the calendar. Having reminder pop up on your computer or phone about what you have going will help you stick to that schedule and not veer away from it to something else.

Being a CEO is incredibly demanding. That is known to anyone involved in the workforce. However, being a CEO doesn’t mean your personal and family life have to suffer because you’re successful. Follow these tips and watch things turn around if you feel like you’ve lost control of your schedule.