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For some brokers, work is great.  You’ve got a lot of houses listed, a solid tally of potential buyers, and some awesome agents.  For other brokers, you might find yourself suffering from the effects of too much stress. If your job is causing you to lose sleep at night, consider the following points.

You could be facing some profitability challenges.  For example, your property listings could be feeling a little light.  To sell, you’ve got to make sure you’re wells to stocked. Maybe your agents could use a little motivation finding the right connections for potential buyers, keeping up to speed with the market activities, and staying on top of those listings.  Even then, the economy could just not be in the right situation.

Perhaps part of the reason profitability challenges haunt you is due to not offering full-services to your clients.  Times change, especially with the internet, so real estate companies have likewise changed their list of services as more and more people become tuned into the real estate world.  That being said, offering full services such as videography of the listed properties, employ a professional contractor, simply being present at the closing of a house, and genuinely helping your homeowners makes a truly positive impact on your work.  

Operational challenges also play an important factor in the success or struggle for a broker’s work.  Find your agents and keep those agents with you, because recruitment of agents is one of the biggest stressors a broker will face.  Fine tune your business strategy skills because if the competitive nature of the business starts to wear you down, you’ve got an arduous climb back into the game.  Finally, stay on top of new technology. With constantly changing trends, knowing your technology will keep you on your a-game.

By all means, there could be a lot more than these points that are keeping you as a broker up at night.  Don’t hesitate to check in on these areas of your work. If the stress is still keeping you up, perhaps it’s time to lace up those shoes and enjoy the benefits of a good run.