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Remember grumpy, old Ebenezer Scrooge from the Christmas Carol? Who ever aspired to be the old Scrooge?  The answer is no one. Stingy, self-absorbed people are not appreciated by the rest of the world.  Cultivating a character of generosity will overflow into just about every aspect of your life. Keep reading.

Let’s start with the workplace.  Whether you are the leader of an organization or just starting off, adopting an attitude of gratitude will immediately start you off on the right foot with your colleagues.  Showing kindness to those around you allows people to feel comfortable and cared for, ultimately strengthening team dynamics. Since nearly every job requires some degree of teamwork, a well-functioning squad makes all the difference in your relationship with your own and your colleagues careers.

We’ve written several pieces recently on reducing stress, such as taking up running, practicing self care, and workday tips.  Turns out, another one of the great aspects of generosity is the direct effect it has on your stress levels.  People who give their time and money more freely than others tend to be happier and live longer. Happier people are simply better at handling stress and more readily look to the positive side of life.  Just think about Mr. Scrooge. After his transformation, his life certainly looked a lot more radiant. His story might be fictional, but the emotional benefits generous people experience are incredibly real.  

Relationships benefit from generosity.  Let’s face it, relationships are everywhere, so improving your relationships will boost your presence at home, at work, and in society.  First, a generous hand builds trust between you and others. People find that they can depend on you to help them through a variety of situations.  Think about your best friends. You know that if you ever called out for help, they would come running. Someone with a less generous attitude, would simply state they don’t have time to help.  Second, generous people tend to be more attractive. I don’t mean that generous people tend to look like they should be on the cover of Vogue magazine, but their personalities certainly captivate other individuals.  In any relationship, the ability to draw people to you and inspire, particularly as a leader of a company, is a great trait to have.