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“Leader” defined is the person who leads or commands a group. As a leader, it’s important that you know and become the definition of one. Taking command, delegating and motivating are huge attributes a leader must have. Even if you have never been in a leadership role, you’ve gotten to where you are because you displayed leadership potential.

To be an effective leader, you must be honest. In your work, in your praise and in your guidance, you must maintain an honest and sincere relationship with your team. If you are praising due to a job well done, be sincere when you commend your team. If the performance level is below average, be honest with them and give them a solution to improve for next time.

Be humble. No one wants to follow someone who portrays arrogance. If you’re wrong, admit your faults. Broadcasting your success is unnecessary, but it is important for your team to see that you take pride in your work. Maintain a humble attitude while still showing excitement in your work.

Set the bar high for your team. This shows them that you believe in them and trust they can exceed any expectations. This will also keep them motivated to work hard and maintain a high productivity. As a leader, you should want your team to succeed, so don’t give unrealistic goals. But make sure you are pushing them to better themselves in their work.

Maintain a leadership environment. Being loyal to your team and keeping a positive attitude will reflect onto them and also help them in keeping the same outlook as you. Try to avoid coming off as an authority figure, it will be harder for your team to want to follow you if this is the type of attitude you exude. The only way you can get respect is to give it.

Be effective in your delegations. Matching a task with an individual on your team will ensure productivity in the workplace remains high. Leaders aren’t leaders unless they have a team behind them, helping to support and achieve the overall goal. Know your purpose, delegate appropriately and support your team in their tasks.


A leadership role is one of responsibility, guidance and encouragement. Effectively leading your team will produce positive results for everyone involved and could also assist in your climb on the success ladder. If you begin to feel lost in your position, fall back on your team and ask for feedback. Knowing your faults and things that you can change in the future will only make you a stronger leader.