1. Pick up the Phone

Wait, I thought you said this was a blog about emails? It is, but if you have a long-winded message you are trying to reply to, consider picking up the phone. It can not only make the solution occur quicker, but it can also cause feelings and relationships to stay in tack.

2. Write personalized emails

With the increase in email systems, there is an increase in mass emails that get sent out.  There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are still engaging with the customer. People like authenticity and they can tell if they are one in a million (and will most likely hit that unsubscribe button).

3. If you are sending out a mass email, USE PICTURES

Pictures are STILL worth a thousand words. No one wants to read an essay about what you are selling and why. However if there are photos, you are more likely to engage them resulting in them not automatically deleting it and wanting to open up future emails.

4. Use your email signature

You don’t need flashy icons and a cute quote. Make it simple and informative about how to reach you (you don’t need to put your email by the way) and maybe a one liner about what you do.

5. Check your spelling

Whether it is right or not, you can lose a lot of credibility and respect if you have misspellings and grammar errors. Read your emails before you hit send and you are more likely to retain customers.