Building Your Home_ What to Expect (25)

Success takes all different sizes and shapes.  The idea of accomplishment also varies from person to person.  Yet, people who come out on top all share these key characteristics.  

Perseverance: making it through the long haul

If any little bump in the road stopped you from pushing forward, you wouldn’t make it very far.  Successful people not only make it past the obstacles, they conquer trials. That also means that successful people are willing to put in the work it takes to keep going when everyone else is saying “stop”.  That takes incredible amounts of physical and emotional energy. People will stand in your way or put you down. Listening to your gut instinct, however, will push you along to your goal, no matter how long that takes.

Adaptation: the key to all great processes

You probably heard about adaptation back in your high school biology class.  Over time, natural selection produces changes in a species’ structure, allowing it to re-adjust to changing conditions.  Species that didn’t experience that, usually died out. Now, not to make the lack of adaptation in personal achievements sound dire, but individuals who learn to change with shifting environments are less likely to be set back.

Leading: providing your team with the means to thrive

No one has single-handedly created an empire.  Look back at history and there was always a team acting behind the scenes.  Successful people know that crushing their team, through negativity or micromanaging, will ultimately hurt them in the end. Cultivating a great team environment helps every individual, including the one at the top.