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Are you finding it hard to advertise on other websites? Or simply don’t have the budget to advertise? There are ways to succeed without traditional advertising (now being Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc.)


The first question to ask is do you have a message that is compelling and will get people to care about your product?  Once you have figured out that message it is time to blast it on all free platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat – wherever your ideal audience is hanging out.


Email marketing is not a dead art.  If you can create an email that is witty, funny, and engaging, people will enjoy reading it even if they don’t need your product right now (The Skimm does a great job of this and has grown their email list to millions of people over the past few years.)  Think of peoples’ inboxes as a doorstep and every time you knock, you better have something to offer them.  Talk straight to your audience and then offer them something (everyone LOVES freebies).  If you spend all your time dumping money into facebook ads, you will be reaching a wide audience instead of genuine fans. Your goal is to get people to come to you, instead of other way around.


We mentioned this above with offering a freeby, but there are other ways to entice your audience.  What does Warby Parker and Toms shoes do that make them so successful?  You buy one and they give one. People love the idea of giving, but they many times want to get something out of that gift, keep that in mind as you create your strategy.


Blog posts are a great, FREE way to engage your audience as well as increase your search engine optimization.  Focus your content on what your audience will be google searching.  For example if you are a real estate company in Grand Junction, you may want to write blogs about activities to do in Grand Junction in the summer so people that are looking to move there but want to check the city out first will come upon your blog and then you will be top of mind when they are looking for a real estate industry!

Do you have anything to add? What free marketing strategies have worked for you and your company? Share them on our Facebook post.