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During the work day, CEOs regularly deal with an exceptionally long to-do list.  All of the those tasks really can become overwhelming. So how do CEOs make it, instead of breaking it?  Not only are they usually master list managers, but successful CEOs know how to boost productivity throughout the work day.  Here are a few of their helpful habits.


  • Conquer the email list.  Even if you’re not a CEO, your email inbox can be a dark, scary trap of time.  Set up a system that will help your email time become the least consuming part of your day.  There are multiple different email methods CEOs live by, such as requiring employees to note a response deadline in the subject line or simply to respond to all emails the first and last 10 minutes of the work day.  Find a system that works for you and stick to it.



  • Adopt a team player mindset.  Many of us fall prey to the “lone wolf” attitude, even without realizing it.  For instance, you might take on more tasks in a project or simply solo a project because you feel you can finish the work better and faster on your own.  Not so fast! Productive CEOs realize that this mindset will hinder not only their own abilities, but that of the company. Play to your employees strengths and your business will benefit more than what you could do alone.



  • Get in tune with your circadian rhythm.  Your body follows a natural pattern throughout the day.  This pattern includes swings in energy. Find the times during the day that you work most efficiently and plan to complete the most difficult tasks during that period.  



  • Set aside a “No-Meeting” day.  Provide a day that the entire office abstains from meetings.  This helps ensure that everyone has uninterrupted work time. Every interruption decreases productivity.  Just make sure to take a break every hour or so to keep your attention from burning out.