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Procrastination happens to all of us, so how can you beat it? First determine WHY you are procrastinating and then apply the strategies we will lay out before procrastination overtakes you!

The first thing you need to do is take control of your mood.  Maybe you don’t want to do the project because it is too much work, too daunting, your hungry, need a break, you have to work with people you don’t like etc.  Take a moment to breathe and reflect on why you are waiting to accomplish the task.  Then it is time to apply some easy strategies in order to combat this and get to work!

1.Make a plan to get rid of the obstacles/ challenges

This is something you can do ahead of time to avoid procrastination, however if you are in the thick of it, try to remove the obstacles in your way whether that is a full email inbox or lack of time blocking.

2. Set the stage

The environment in which you are working is crucial to your success. Find your happy place. Whether that is an area with a lot of light or a small cubicle that causes you to focus, find that area that allows you to exercise discipline.

3. Just go for it

If none of the above work, just jump right in to the challenge. You will be grateful you did when you are able to sit back and enjoy that the work is done!