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Surprisingly many CEO’s (and employees) do not take their earned vacation time from work. There are many reasons for this such as fear of falling behind in the job, scared of being passed over for a promotion, their team falling apart or choosing to save their vacation for a later date. Not taking vacation time can be doing harm to the employee and to the company they work for. Here are 3 reasons employees and CEO’s should take time off.

1. Vacations are good for production
Not taking time off and getting in some rest and relaxation can lead to unhealthy levels of stress.  Taking time off and destressing means employees and CEO’s come back to work feeling refreshed, relaxed and overall happier and a happy employee is a more productive employee. Happy employees are less likely to seek other employment opportunities, so this is great for your company’s turnover rate.

2. Vacations are good for your health
Many studies have shown that there are health benefits to taking a vacation. The USTA study found that men who do not take vacation have a higher chance of suffering from heart disease while women who do not take time off are more likely to suffer from depression.

3. Vacations improve team work
Many people are afraid by going on vacation their work will not get done and that basically things will fall apart without them. This is not very realistic. Being able to rely on your co-workers is very important, and if time is taken before your vacation to delegate your work duties this can help ease anxiety about you being gone and be a good team building lesson in the process. What better way for your co-workers to understand your job and value then to walk a few steps in your shoes while you are on vacation.