1. Facebook Live

The number one way we have found to get more engagement on our Facebook is going Live! (Surprisingly) people are interested in what we have to say!  Whether it is funny, adds value to their life, or shows them a “day in the life of a CEO”, people enjoy being a part of it.

2. Reply

We ALWAYS reply to every comment that is made on our Lives, blog posts, videos etc.  People like AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS, even over the web.

3. Host giveaways

Who doesn’t like free things?! Whether it is a service you are giving away, entry in to specific podcasts, or a prize, people are more likely to comment, share and like if they get something out of it.

4. Post when your fans are online

With the analytic tools in Facebook and Instagram, you are able to see when your followers are online (as long as it is a business page and not personal). We try to post during these times!

5. Video

We couldn’t end this article without mentioning video. This is the way Facebook (and all social media) is going. You will continue to see less and less posts and more videos on your feed.  These not only perform better, but people enjoy them more and engage!

So what are you going to put in to practice to increase your social media engagement this week?