Providing benefits for your employees can be a complex decision.  Every employer has questions that sometimes don’t get answered.  This can be a great choice for your business, but you want to be certain you are making a fully informed decision. Here we have offered some of the advantages and some of the drawbacks to this intricate situation.


  • Health insurance as an option for employees has been shown to reduce truancy and boost overall health and frame of mind.
  • Companies have the tax advantage of subtracting plan assistance’s.
  • Employees regularly accept benefits to compensate for a lower salary.
  • If you offer your employees benefits, it can mean less expensive insurance for the business owner(s).
  • Businesses who offer benefits are more likely to have exceptional employees that will remain employees for longer than businesses that don’t offer insurance.


  • The more insurance you offer, the more you are going to pay for administrative operating expenses.
  • Benefits cost more for small companies than it does for large companies, often leading to smaller companies not offering health insurance at all.
  • The cost of providing insurance is always increasing which can make it hard to plan your annual financials.
  • Your company could sustain legal fees when it comes to legal accordance or mistakes made in any plan offered.

There are many factors to weigh when deciding to offer your employees benefits or not.  Consider things like how many employees you have, the rules in terms of offering insurance, and what categories you want available for your employees.  Some employees only offer their full-time employees insurance and some offer it to everyone, so choose the group plan that is best for you and your business.  You can contact a local insurance agent who will walk you through the process and help you feel at ease with your final decision.