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If you are an entrepreneur of any sort, you have probably heard about or learned the value of the video. This is the direction in which we are headed in order to be effective influencers (of any sort). Whether it is Facebook Live, Instagram stories, high-quality listing presentation videos, or short weekly recap videos posted to YouTube, this is what the consumer is looking for and expecting.  So how can you do this effectively?

1. Use the holidays/ celebrations

A GREAT way for a business to connect with their audience is through the holidays.  Create videos such as happy birthday videos to your employees, congrats on the new sale to your realtors, year in reviews, season’s greetings, thanking local nonprofits etc.  This shows you are engaged with your community as well as interested and invested in your employees (outside of just the work they do for you).

2. Stay up to date on the video specs

If you are looking to create a more high quality video, DO NOT TAKE IT UP AND DOWN. That works great for snapchat and Instagram live, not for editing.  Learn the specs, sizes, dimensions, and ratios of your social media videos and what works best with that platform. If you want more information on this topic look here.

3. Get your idea across quickly

If you are creating an Instagram story, you are given about 18 seconds per clip. No one wants to watch 29 clips of this.  Get your point across quickly, but effectively. The same goes for Facebook lives or creating any type of video. The longer the video, the quicker you will lose people’s interest.

4. Go behind the scenes

People want to see that you are real. That you have a life outside of work. Most people are looking for a good work-life balance, so take them behind the scenes into your daily life. How you make your products, what a day at your office is like, a backstage look at a company event… all of these will make your audience feel more connected to you and your brand.

5. How-to videos

There is a reason DIY’s continue to be extremely popular.  Generally, people love saving money and feeling like they can do it!  So give them the tools! Don’t be worried about losing them as a customer if you teach them your “tricks” they are more likely to come back to you wanting more and people will be more likely to watch this kind of video.