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Are you new to the CEO world?  Tackling a new position is exciting and at times incredibly challenging.  Without taking the appropriate steps, your efforts as a CEO might turn into more struggle than success.  About a year ago, Katie Belding wrote an article for Entrepreneur about the importance of CEOs receiving executive coaching.  Here are the two main takeaways from Belding’s article:

Set Up Clear Expectations for the Coach

Just like every other area of development in your life, having a mentor to guide you through the process was crucial.  Finding an individual you respect and trust sets up the relational connectivity needed for effective coaching.  Choosing a mentor who has ample experience in your field, however, is just as important.  A coach needs to be someone you are comfortable enough to receive honest feedback from, yet experienced enough to provide helpful insight to challenges you might face as a CEO.

Collect Data

How do you know that your efforts as a CEO are effective?  Collecting data, or feedback, from employees in the company will help shed light on areas the company needs a bit more work.  Setting up feedback sessions regularly throughout the year will help you as a CEO foresee the direction of your business.  Including external feedback will likewise give you insight into how the rest of this competitive world views your company.

Reflecting on your role as the CEO and humbling yourself enough to accept coaching and receive comments on your efforts could mean the difference between a short-lived or successful CEO career.