Board Meeting Best Practices (3)

Change is unavoidable. It happens in all companies. Whether it is a re-branding, change in leadership, or purchase of another office, change WILL happen and it can be a great or devastating thing depending on how you, the leader, handles it. Here are some tips on how to handle change in your company effectively.

1. Overly communicate

Communicate early and frequently.  When you don’t communicate rumors spread, people get scared and worried, and employees will feel betrayed. Timing is definitely important, but make sure you communicate what is going to happen and how it will be a GOOD change for the company.

2. Prepare for the adjustment period

There will be pitfalls in any change, be ready for those by preparing plans ahead of time of how you will deal with them. This could save you a lot of pain!

3. Get different “levels” of your company involved

It may be the executive team that will be implementing these changes, but if you get someone in each department on your “side” your employees will most likely handle it better and receive truthful insight from on-board coworkers. Focus groups are a great way to communicate and empower your employees.

4. Celebrate the successes

Once the change is made, celebrate the successes that come from that. Whether it is an employee stepping up to the plate to make the transition work or gaining a new office, celebrate it with champagne and a fun atmosphere!

5. Be open to new ideas

Don’t think your way is definitely the best way. The more opinions you get, the more refined your plan can be and it increases the success rate. This is another great time to bring in a focus group from different areas of the company to get your employees opinions.