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Long day at work?  Lace up the trainers.  Let every email, every to-do task, every work place drama, every item on the agenda, every budget, every appointment melt away with every stride you take.  

Running benefits a lot more than just those athletically challenged skinny kids on high school cross country teams.  Everything from weight control to to mental health, name something in the body and chances are, running helps with that.  But perhaps one of the biggest benefits in this busy, go-go-go society is the fact that running relieves stress. Yep. You heard me.  I’ll say it one more time. Running reduces stress.

If you’re not a seasoned runner, the idea of slogging through a lung-bursting, leg-cramping activity might not appeal to you.  A lot more positive processes, however, occur in your body when you endure through a run. When you run, your body produces endorphins.  These endorphins lower the perception of pain throughout the body and raise an overall feeling of positivity. Even though a workout might leave you burned out initially, you will likely experience a better night of sleep.  While you run and your blood system operates in overtime to get oxygen circulated to your muscles, your immune system also shifts gears when you exercise. A responsive immune system helps ensure that the truly bad stuff, like bacteria and viruses, are recognized early on.  Positive hormones, a great night’s rest, and a prepared immune system certainly leaves you more prepared to tackle another day, then if you had left those trainers in the back of your closet.

You can’t run away from your problems, but you can run off your problems.  Never tried it? Now’s the time to start. You won’t regret it.