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There is so much power behind words. No matter who speaks them, they can be powerful. In a leadership role, the quality of your words is important. Proper communication is crucial to how people perceive you. As a leader, you want to be remembered for your work, your professional demeanor and how you’ve helped individuals grow. Ensure people view you and your work in a positive manner by becoming a professional in communication.

  • Leadership language

Have you ever stopped to really listen to how people speak when they’re in a position of leadership? They’re poised, confident, and optimistic. As a leader, when you hit a roadblock, maintaining your composure and showing resolve with bold words and positivity will ensure your employees see a strong leader at the helm.

  • Understand what you want before you speak

No one likes listening to someone stumbling over their words. Coming across issues is a common day-to-day occurrence in the workplace. Knowing how you feel, what to say and how to say it before you approach the situation will show your employees or team that you thought things over thoroughly and aren’t just winging it.

  • Avoid superlatives

Yes, people enjoy hearing the words “incredible” or “exciting” often. These words typically only excite people for a short amount of time until they hear them again. When commending your employees or team on their work, used words that will stick with them in the long run. Commending them in a job well done or explaining how well-thought out their project was are better ways to let them know they did “amazing”.

Being in a leadership role can be a struggle for some, whereas others are naturally born leaders, and that’s okay. You got to where you are now but working hard, keeping up your confidence and exceeding the expectations of your superiors. Keep in mind how you were spoken to by someone in a leadership role, and remind yourself that you are being looked at to provide authentic feedback, maintain a professional demeanor and motivate the employees to keep up their productivity. Make your words powerful.