1.  Learn when to say no

Being able to delegate is one of the most important jobs of a CEO. You can’t do everything, trust your employees to do the job instead of taking on extra work you can’t handle. This will add to your stress and most likely decrease your productivity.

2.  Have healthy snacks in your desk drawer

Nothing makes you feel worse then going home after snacking on sweets all day to reduce your stress.  Although it may help momentarily, it definitely isn’t a solution. Eating healthy snacks can help avoid fluctuating blood sugar which can mess with your mood and increase your stress. So take a break and enjoy an apple.

3.  Go for a walk

Just because you work a 9-5 doesn’t mean you need to avoid the nice weather outside. It has actually been proven that taking a walk can reduce stress and increase productivity, plus getting some extra oxygen is a great way to clear your head.

4.  Take a screen break

This goes along with the previous one, but taking a screen break is crucial in resting your mind and eyes. Continuous computer usage has been shown to increase stress and cause you to lose sleep.

5.  Listen to music

Just ask a music therapist, music has healing effects and can greatly reduce stress. By listening to soothing music when you are feeling restless, your body will calm down. The opposite is also true; if you are trying to make a deadline consider putting on some upbeat music to get you re-energized and ready to work!

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