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We live in an age of self-help books, constant advice about how to have an edge in your career, and basically how to be the perfect model of success.  It’s certainly no secret. People take this last point to the extreme, finding ways to sharpen their attention or energy through prescription drugs use. Perhaps one of the most important elements, however, of soaring down the road to success is often overlooked.  That element, would be none other than rest.

When you say rest, do you mean sleeping?  I don’t have time to sleep anymore with everything I’ve got on my to-do list. Trust me, I’ve had the same thoughts and I value my good night’s rest.  Nothing makes a machine run better than being well-oiled and for your body, that means catching up on your down time.  Yes, receiving an adequate amount of sleep each night is important, but it’s also so much more than that! Taking time away from the constant barrage of emails and texts and newsflashes helps your mind reset.  

This type of rest can take on any number of forms, such as working out, meditating, reading a fun book, jamming out to music, or playing with your dog.  It’s important to set aside this rest time each day to let your body and mind recharge. But I’ve got too much to do! I don’t have time for that!  I’ve been guilty of that mindset, but trust me when I say that putting everything aside and going on a walk or run has always left me feeling energized and centered.  Even some of the top business leaders in the country realize the importance of putting everything aside to be in the here and now and participate in annual silent retreats.

If you think you’re on the track to success, but can feel the starting effects of burning out, then you need to incorporate rest into your life.  Being perfect could get you somewhere, but being present will ensure you are living to your fullest potential.