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I am not referring to being good at talking.  Are you using social to leverage your business?  If not, it is DEFINITELY time to start.  Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to start interacting with others on social media:

1. It is a good way to share new information

Are you gaining a new employee? Changing your logo? Pushing it out on social will make it gain traction and get more attention! It will also make it easier to put a positive spin on something that could be interpreted negatively.

2. It positively impacts your company’s reputation

YOU are in charge of what goes out on YOUR social platform, so you can ensure that it is positive, uplifting and matches your brand’s image!

3. Shows you are innovative

At this point using social is just a way of live so it isn’t really all that innovative to use it, however if you are pushing out videos on it, doing lives, or making ads, you are showing you are wanting to stay up with the trends that are WORKING.

4. Gives your company a personality

People like to see that you are REAL. When the CEO gets behind the camera and gives advice, you are more likely to gain followers who won’t unfollow you a week later.

5. Is a great way to communicate with employees

Conversely, it is a great way for employees to communicate with you! Email is in no way dead, but this allows your employees to give you instant feedback and keeps a more “real” relationship going.

6. Helps CEO’s build relationships with the news media

Whether you like it or not, at some point you will probably be on the news, so why not have a positive social media backing to go with you?  It also allows you to connect with news outlets who then may push out your content gaining you more of a following!