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Burnout happens in just about every career field, just to different extremes.  Is your company experiencing employee burnout? Perhaps your employees are moving on to better, brighter futures, or you’re having a hard time even attracting killer agents/ employees.  Regardless of the reason why, use these points below to check how your company looks to your employees.


  • Is your company transparent in what they offer?  Be upfront and honest when discussing what your company offers to current and prospective employees. Remember, you’re trying to convince employees/ agents that your agency is a great place to work.



  • Does your company provide training?  This point is especially important when your agency flashes all the newest technology, but doesn’t provide your employees with any training on how to use it.  Entering into a partnership with a new company is daunting enough as it is, but you certainly don’t want your employees to feel like they are floundering in loads of new technology or procedures.



  • What is the culture of your company?  How do your current employees interact?  Are you, as the CEO, taking your employees concerns into account?  Is there a mutual respect between employees? These are just a few questions to consider. Reflecting on how your team interacts will provide you with the chance to look at how you can improve as the broker and what fixes need to be made within your team to foster an encouraging dynamic.  



  • Do new, prospective employees seem like they would be a good fit?  Don’t simply hire an employee because you need more bodies in your company.  If a new employee doesn’t work with your team, then retention will likely be short-lived. Furthermore, the culture of your company could be upset, causing you to lose senior employees.


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