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Many of us have experienced moments in our life where only the best survived.  Well I’m here to tell you today to scrap that mindset. If you are finally on your career path, then working as a key player in a team dynamic will not set you up for greater success, but will help catapult your company to success as well.  Wondering how in the world you will move from a lone wolf to a pack mindset? Keep reading and I will explain how.

First, you must buy into the team.  If you plant your feet and refuse to change any of your methods or grumble about having to collaborate with others, than you likely won’t make it that far.  The team, however, could continue to grow if they remove the grumpy factor from their midst. Let go of the “every man for himself” attitude and offer up your strengths to the benefit of the team.  The depth of talent of a network will pull everyone further along than if they were to work alone. There’s certainly no weakness in that.

Don’t be afraid to give honest feedback and graciously receive feedback.  Successful systems work on a feedback system, so it makes sense that a well functioning team responds well to constructive criticism.  When most of us hear the word “criticism” we immediately assume defensive position. Unfortunately, that keeps us from reaping the benefits of working a team setting.  More often than not, feedback is offered not to crush a coworker but to provide helpful advice that might make you a more effective team player.

Finally, build trust.  If the connection between members on the team isn’t strong, then the mission of the team doesn’t have much hope.  Coworkers need to know that their role and voice in the team is important. Without that bond between colleagues, your team might miss some incredible opportunities.  Furthermore, a team functions better when all the parts are working together. Trust and respect go a long way to providing room for growth. If you haven’t experienced a successful collective of workers, then you need to consider these points to help your team progress.