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CEOs are, well, busy people and crucial in the role of a company.  The day-to-day assignments tasked to a CEO could easily get overwhelming.  So how do current successful, notable CEOs manage all of it? Look at their habits and you’ll find these 5 common traits.


  • Organization is key.  


When your day is filled with countless meetings, organizing your schedule and the objective that will occur with each event helps the day run smoothly and efficiently.


  • Exhibit strong communication skills.  


CEOs are in charge of the management and planning of a company, which means they talk with a lot of different people.  In the hectic schedule of the day, providing clear, concise, yet encouraging directions promotes worker motivation and provides direction.


  • Designate down time.  


Setting aside time to take a break of all the hustle and bustle of the work day allows CEOs to rejuvenate.  Many CEOs tend to take work with them even when they leave the office, so designating time each day to step back from work is essential in reducing the risk of burnout.


  • Conquer the inbox.  


CEOs receive hundreds of emails every day.  Successful CEOs manage not to drown in all these emails.  They utilize any dozen of tricks, including prioritizing responses, utilizing Tony Hsieh’s “Yesterbox” technique, and requiring employees to set a “response deadline” in their email.  


  • Listen like a champ.  


Good listening skills are incredibly helpful no matter where you stand in the company ladder.  CEOs are no exception. Not only does good listening prove to employees that CEOs value their contribution, but it expands the potential for a company’s success.