blog (55)More often then not, employees get very nervous before their year-end review, and depending on what you as the manager/ CEO are going to say, you may be nervous as well. Here are some ways to make employee reviews a better experience for everyone involved!

1. Focus on what matters

Keep it short and sweet.  Find what needs the most work and focus on that.

2. Intertwine the negatives with the positives

Constructive criticism is important, but so is positive feedback! Let the employee know what he or she is doing well.  This will leave them feeling more motivated and empowered.

3. Make it about development

If you are trying to build your business, it is best to develop your employees rather than simply evaluate them. Focus on how they can be the best worker and person they can be.

4. Ask for feedback

Ask peers for feedback and the employee you are evaluating! This will help you improve your work and therefore your company as a whole.