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As we mentioned in our blog yesterday, sleep is VITAL to being a successful CEO, but what other steps can you take that will ensure you maintain a healthier lifestyle, stay more productive throughout the day, and keep a positive attitude? This is what we suggest:

1. Meditate for 5-10 minutes

This is a great thing to do right after you wake up. Take some time to pray if you are religious and/ or meditate.  It will decrease your stress level and prepare you for the day.

2. Get Active OUTSIDE

This may be a difficult one to achieve in the winter, in which case lift some weights at home or go to the gym, but physical exercise is important to your success and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Put The Phone Away

It is so easy to grab your phone after the alarm goes off and start scrolling through Facebook, your emails etc.  Leave that for later on and put your phone in a different room.

4. Journal or Read

This is the secret weapon to getting focused and centered for the day. I look doing a gratitude journal to put things into perspective and enter the office with a positive attitude.

5. Check the news

The last thing before you head into work is to check the news. IT is