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In any industry where you are selling a product or service, trust is crucial to your success. So how do you go about earning people’s’ trust?  Connect, engage, and built it with your listeners and consumers. Allow me to explain further.

Social media is a great example of a way to gain trust. If you are simply posting your product, you won’t gain any trust. However, if you are engaging with the customer (asking questions AND answering/ commenting on their answers) you will build a personal relationship that will eventually lead to trust.  Eye connection has long been known as a way to show you are a trustworthy person and obviously you can’t do this on social media, so you need to speak to the person INDIVIDUALLY and not as a group to show you are engaged in THEM as a person.

What if you are in an industry where you get to connect with the person in-person?  Obviously eye contact is crucial as well as pausing and asking for feedback (again, engage them).  This will show you care about their opinion and want to have a meaningful conversation. They in turn will trust you and be more willing to purchase your product/ service.