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If you call an office cubicle your work home all day five days a week then you know being in a small confined space with not much privacy can repetitious and downright dull. Here are five ways to brighten your work day and make your office a happier place.

  1. Personalize your work space

Let’s face it cubicles are bland. Devoid of any color besides neutral greys and browns and bland is boring. It is easy to bring some color and personality to your cubicle by adding a couple pictures that make you smile, for example pictures of you with your spouse, kids or any loved one in your life. Just a friendly reminder that you aren’t the only one who will see these pictures so choose wisely.

  1. Keep your work area organized

This might seem silly, but when your desk is a mess and you can’t find what you need it can be hard to be productive and lead to frustration and a foul mood. If you aren’t a super organized person by nature, then purchase some desk organizing office supplies. You can even get supplies in fun colors to brighten your work area.

  1.  Have a good view

Everyone likes something visually interest to look at so if you have the option pick a cubicle with a window view. Natural light and being able to view the outside world is a great mood booster. If a window view isn’t an option for your work space, then hang a scenic picture on your wall with some “happy” colors.

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair

Most office jobs require not only being in a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day but also sitting at a desk in front of a computer. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair this can cause neck, back posture problems. If your chair doesn’t have the appropriate support, see if you can swap it out for a different one and if this is not an option get an inexpensive support cushion or foot rest. Being comfortable is an important part of being happy at work.

  1. Bring food to work

If you have a very busy work day taking time for a proper lunch may not always be an option. Being hungry can make you a bit grouchy and overall less productive.  By bringing food from home you can cut back on the stress of having to decide what and where to eat. This also saves you time and money and less stress always go hand in hand with happiness.