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Be yourself

No matter what industry you are in, KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  Know what you want to accomplish, where your roots are, and what is important to you and then prioritize that so when you have to make hard decisions you can go back to the basics of your priorities and maintain your goal.

Be patient and bold

It’s okay to say no, even if it feels like the “break-through opportunity”.  If you have certain convictions and standards you want to uphold, you will definitely have to say no at some point in your career.  Have a thick skin so you don’t go wayward and then don’t feel defeated. Maintaining a positive attitude and being patient for the RIGHT opportunity, will result in a much more successful brand and a happier you!

Be selfless

If your priorities are right, it is most likely not all about you.  It is about your family, your team members, your employees.  If you want to be a successful businessman (or woman) you need to be selfless and willing to sacrifice your desires for the betterment of your company and family.