1. Communicate

If your day isn’t going according to plan, it probably is related to something going wrong at work- communicate with someone who can help you solve that issue whether it is your boss or a co-worker.

2. Eliminate job stressors

Eliminate what isn’t important so you can be more productive.  If you have too much work in too little of time, reevaluate your deadlines, giving yourself more leeway. If you are constantly stressed about whether you will have your job tomorrow or not, make sure your boss know your value by doing your best and then try to let it go.

3. Avoid drama

In any office, there is co-worker drama and politics.  Getting wrapped up in this will affect your productivity and give you unnecessary stress.  It is best to just stay out of it. Practical steps on how to do this: don’t vent to co-workers, think before you send a nasty email, and if a co-worker is causing you stress address it directly with THEM.

4. Rest

If you need to take a personal day – do it!  If you are sick, take a sick day!  This will result in bettering your health and a more productive work week!