4 Steps on How to Use Marketing to Create a Successful Business

What to do in Grand Junction, Colorado (3)

1. Be Different

It’s not a bad thing to follow other people in your industry and draw inspiration from them, however, if your logo, marketing materials, and Facebook posts look oddly similar, people will begin to un-follow you.  You want to be a LEADER in your industry!

2. Follow Up

If you get an inquiry on your website, on Facebook, on Instagram… FOLLOW UP! It seems so easy, but if you aren’t following up in a timely manner, people will move on to the next option.

3. Don’t shout all your accolades

People like authenticity and modesty.  It is okay to occasionally point our a prestigious award you won, but please don’t put it in your about me section on Facebook, no one wants to read that. They want to learn about the REAL you beyond just the business you.

4.  Talk to your ideal clients

First of all, if you don’t know who your niche audience is, figure it out. Then speak to them! Ask them questions on your Instagram posts. Tell them to share the video if it resonated with them.  ENGAGEMENT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!

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