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If you have never heard of Generation Y, it is time to get on board (whether you like it or not). These are the people who were born in the 1980s and 1990s and are becoming the leaders in our workforce.  They get a bit of a bad-rep for their obsession with digital and electronic technology, however if used properly, this can be something that takes your business to the next level, which is a main reason you should be hiring these people.  Here are some ways to attract them to your company:

As crazy as this may seem, intangible benefits (such as flexible scheduling) are becoming more popular among employers and this is because of Gen Y. Obviously salary is still one of the most important things, but people are more and more interested in exploring the World, and a flexible work schedule and the ability to work remotely allows this (and technology makes it possible).

Give them the ability to make decisions in your company. Although this may be terrifying, many millennials are making a lot of money by creating their own companies which inspires other millenials to do the same. If you aren’t giving them the ability to be creative, make decisions, and have a voice in your company, they will probably leave.

Honesty has always been important, but with social media on the rise and everyone knowing everything about each others lives, Gen Y’ers expect transparency in their company. Let them know the reason behind certain decisions and they will greatly appreciate this and be more loyal employees.