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Can going on a vacation really help your business grow? As entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO’s, we always hear about “work-life balance” and incorporating that in to your daily life, but what about just taking a legitimate break and focusing on just the life portion for a while?

First of all, taking a vacation can improve your emotional well-being significantly. Burnout is one of the major reasons new businesses fail. People believe putting in long hours will make them successful, but that just isn’t the reality.  By taking a vacation you are able to rejuvenate your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being that has been neglected for so long.

Two other great benefits of going on vacation is that it increases your creativity and productivity. It has been proven that vacationing increases one’s creativity! By taking a break from the mundane, redundant tasks, you are able to rejuvenate and come up with new ways to make your business even more successful. This has been proven in multiple studies including this one. There has also been studies done (like this one by the Boston Consulting Group) that show that going on vacation will increase your productivity by allowing your brain the chance to rest and then reflect at a higher level.

So go out this summer. Take your family on a vacation. Leave the emails at home and focus on YOU.