How to us your anxiety to empower yourself

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Does your anxiety and stress fuel passion or pity? Do you ever feel so consumed by stress and anxiety that you just want to give up?  Don’t let anxiety have a hold of your life as it will just end up inhibiting your performance.  Here are some practical ways to stop anxiety in its tracks and turn it in to something that can actually help you.

Don’t think negative thoughts

How many of us do negative self talk on a regular basis?  I would be willing to bet that most of us do.  When this happens, write down all those negatives.  On paper they just look so ridiculous and if you are still believing them, ask a friend or colleague if it is true. After you write the negative thoughts down, start writing positive attributes about your self.  Again, if you can’t think of any, ask a friend, I am positive you have some.

Count your blessings

By focusing on your blessings and not what you lack, you can lessen your anxiety which will in turn, reduces stress hormone cortisol by 23%. Wake up daily and say three blessings you have in your life.  People who daily try to cultivate gratitude in their life have less stress as well as an improved mood and more energy.

Be ready for change

It WILL come, however if you put yourself in the place of victim, you will pity yourself and your stress will increase.  Instead, empower yourself and make something positive happen. Prepare for change by thinking about potential changes that could happen regularly. This will make you feel more in command of your future (even if it something not in your control). The thing to be careful of here is to not dwell on the possibilities, but rather acknowledge them as possibilities and move on.

I hope these tips help you get control of your anxiety and feel empowered!

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