Are You Ready for Retirement?

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Retirement is something that should be on any person’s mind at any age.  Whether you have already started preparing or haven’t even begun to think about it, we are sharing some tips to help you retire comfortably.  Continue reading to see if you are on the right track.

o-7gfSaving your money seems like a no-brainer right?  Well, to some it isn’t.  Even if you have some sort of savings already, save more!  Your 401k is growing, but you still might need more for retirement.  With cost of living soaring, you are likely not going to have enough to retire securely.  Save more on your own.  Transfer a feasible amount of each check to your savings or ask your banker about other ways to save up.  You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and then not have enough when the time comes.

3tewtSteer clear of emotional investing!  When the market is doing well, we tend to pour our money into it, greedily hoping for a big payback.  Then, when it starts to plummet, we pull out, scared of losing.  Keep your emotions in check when it comes to your investments.  We all know the market ebbs and flows and we have to stay business-minded when it comes to our investments.

uyrUnexpected problems arise all the time, you need to be prepared instead of wondering what if.  If you end up getting sick and can’t work, do you have a plan just in case?  Probably not.  If your house were to be damaged and it needed an excessive amount of work, do you have the money to fix it and still retire on time?  These are things we need to think about and be prepared for.  Put your mind at ease with an adviser who can help evaluate what insurances might be helpful for you.  Life, home, auto, or even disability income insurance can make it less stressful when planning for your future.  Consider if one of these options may be necessary in your situation.

sfAHealth is a major part of retirement.  You don’t want to be in and out of doctor’s offices because you didn’t take care of the most important part of retirement: YOU.  Studies show that most retirees are are very concerned about health care costs during retirement.  Health care is steadily rising and will be even more once you reach retirement.  Focus on bettering your body and your mind.  Join a gym, walk often, eat nutritiously, and plan for optimal health.  No one wants to spend their golden years with money in the bank and unable to enjoy it because they didn’t focus on their health along the way.

Keep these suggestions in mind when planning your retirement.  Start saving now and reap the benefits later.  You want to live life to the fullest during retirement and not have to worry about money.  The worst thing that can happen is to not be prepared, realize it’s too late, and now you have to keep working past average retirement age.

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